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First published: Dec 2007
ISBN 983-43531-2-4

Author: Alan Ooi





A book of good cookies
Home baking can be a cost-saver and all 65 step-by-step recipes presented here are simple to make, all with a delicious appeal. As before, Alan Ooi provides a wealth of ideas for another good collection of mouthwatering sweet treats.

You can trust Alan as he has shared with Y3K Recipes readers, the inspiration and joy of successful baking in his previous books of, 'Bread Magic', 'New Year Cookies', 'Mooncakes'. May this new edition adds extra dimension to Alan's invaluable series of books. Have a good read and be motivated. Try baking loads of them.

Richard Er & Catherine Chia

1)腰豆酥 Cashewnut Crisps
2)杏仁千层酥 Almond Flaky Pastries
3)芝麻花生曲奇 Sesame Seed Groundnut Cookies
4)菊花酥饼 Chrysanthemum Petal Cookies
5)香橙形酥饼 Orange Galore
6)酥吉杏仁曲奇 Ghee and Almond Cookies
7)贝壳酥饼干 Seashells Tinkle Bells
8)德式饼 German Crunch
9)三角形曲奇 Triangular Sweet Cookies
10)班兰曲奇 Pandan Flavoured Cookies
11)花生酱饼干 Peanut Butter Cookies
12)薄荷蛋白饼 Dainty Minty Meringue
13)石头果仁蛋白饼 Nutty Rock Drops
14)南瓜籽脆饼 Pumpkin Patch
15)绿茶脆饼 Green Tea Meadows
16)脆饼 Crispy Tuiles
17)香蕉饼干 Banana Cookies
18)澳式脆饼 Anzac Biscuits
19)玉蜀黍脆饼 Corn Flake Cookies
20)蜜糖玉蜀黍饼 Honey Corn Flake Crisp Cookies
21)杏仁脆 Almond Premium Cookies
22)太阳花籽脆饼 Sunflower Seed Crisp Cookies
23)燕麦曲奇 Oat Cookies
24)咖啡脆饼 Coffee Flavoured Crisps
25)开心果薄脆饼 Pistachio Thin Crisps
26)甜蜜心形饼干 Hearts Of Honey
27)香椰曲奇 Aromatic Coconut Cookies
28)杂果曲奇 Mixed Fruit Cookies
29)夏威夷果饼干 Macadamia Nut Cookies
30)维也纳奶油饼 Viennese Shortbread Sticks
31)豹皮饼干 Wild Spotty Cookies
32)南瓜籽脆饼 Pumpkin Seed Munchies
33)香椰饼 Coconut Moments
34)凤梨塔 Pineapple Ornamental Curves
35)蒜茸芝士脆饼 Garlic Cheese Cookies
36)辣虾米曲奇 Spicy Dried Shrimp Cookies
37)芝麻巧果 Sesame Seed Ribbon Twist
38)芝麻葱条 Sesame Seed Shallot Sticks
39)花生角 Peanut Puffs
40)炸芝麻球 Deep-fried Sesame Balls
41)蜜桃形花生饼 Peach Design Nutty Cookies
42)炸芝麻卷 Sesame Twist Rolls
43)杏仁乳珈饼 Almond Nougat Cookies
45)金黄椰丝曲奇 Golden Coconut Cookies
46)小熊饼 Cutie Bear Collection
47)小甜饼 Sweet Novelties
48)郁金香饼干 Tulip Prints
49)丹麦牛油圈 Danish Butter Rings
50)香橙牛油饼 Orange & Butter Fingers
51)枫叶曲奇 Maple Leaf Beauty
52)姜饼 Ginger Cookies
53)夹心饼 Cream Sandwich Cookies
54)新月形胡椒饼 Pepper Crescents
55)杏仁杂果巧克力脆(免烘) Unbaked Almond Fruity Goodies
56)维也纳手指饼 Viennese Fingers
57)泡米粒条 Bubble Rice Snacks
58)巧克力甜点 Chocolate Cutie Treat
59)榛子杯 Chocolate Glazed Hazelnut Balls
60)巧克力花生曲奇 Chocolate Groundnut Cookies
61)腰豆甜饼 Cashewnut Crisps
62)咖啡曲奇 Coffee Cookies
63)巧克力奥里奥曲奇 Chocolate Orea Cookies
64)摩卡咖啡新月饼 Mocha Coffee Flavoured Cookies
65)云石巧克力块 Marbled Chocolate Bars


Anonymous said...

To the author : May I know in this cashew crisp recipe are we to use softened butter or melted butter? It will make whole lot of difference! A recipe can no way be credited as being correct or useful when such important information is left out. You cannot assume anyone who purchases the book to be an experienced baker. Big mistake. Mrs Wu

Y3K food & travel said...

Hi Mrs Wu,

Thank you for your comment.

Cashew Crisp recipe was made using normal butter at room temperature as shown in the photo, neither melted nor softened. If you have a better recipe, you are welcome to share with the readers.

Anonymous said...

why is the dough get very very oil when i make 榛子杯 Chocolate Glazed Hazelnut Balls? did i over mix the butter.

Y3K food & travel said...

Probably the chocolate you use is not good in quality, unable to harden after melting. Buy a good quality cooking chocolate from bakery shop and try again.

Raeya said...

To the author,
For the Cutie Bear Collection cookies,
Should we wait for the butter to cool down after we melt it?

Because the book says we should straightly add in the other ingredients after we turn off the heat.

Y3K food & travel said...

Hi Raeya, Step 1 - Dissolve the butter over low heat, not melting the sugar, it won't be that hot. Stir till smooth before adding in remaining ingredients, not necessary to wait till cool.

Y3K food & travel said...

Hi Raeya, Step 1 - Dissolve the butter over low heat, not melting the sugar, it won't be that hot. Stir till smooth before adding in remaining ingredients, not necessary to wait till cool.