Little Cookies Earn Big $

Y3K Cookbook Volume No.22
Title: Little Cookies Earn Big $
ISBN: 978-983-44755-1-2
First published in November 2009

Retail price:
RM20 (West Malaysia)
RM23 (Sabah/ Sarawak)
$14 (S'pore/ Brunei)

Mail order:
RM22 (Malaysia)
$17 (Singapore/ Brunei)

Y3K 食谱专辑系列丛书之22
书名: 做小饼 赚大钱
ISBN: 978-983-44755-1-2

RM20 (西马)
RM23 (沙巴/砂拉越)

RM22 (西马/沙巴/砂拉越)
$17 (新加坡/汶来)

For enquiries, please mail to y3krecipes@gmail.com

Little Cookies Earn Big $

In a run-up to CNY, every family spring cleans the house. This is in line with the renewal process as it makes the world go round. Prayers often centre around blessings for a blissful marriage, elevated position in one's career, brilliant off springs with good study marks or another year of good health.

Traditional practices are still observed. The halls are decked with blooming plants, new clothes are sewn, festive dishes are planned or hampers sent to the elders. It may be a season of goodwill for the affluent but for a cash-strapped family, it can be a tight season as it coincides with a new semester as money is needed for school books, uniform, shoes and transport.

Wise housewives may resort to earning some festive money like baking cookies for sale. Perhaps, mini goals would be a good way to start. If opportunity does not present itself, she will create the opportunity. Readers can look up our other festive cookies books like "New Year Cookies" and "Cookies". With another new volume created by Coco, it may continue to impact the lives of many industrious people. baking cookies can be both sustainable and rewarding in a home business opportunity.

做小饼 赚大钱





江丽凤老师 Coco Kong Ley Hung (Tel:012-8513915)



Coco Kong started her career as a cooking instructor in Miri. At present, she is generous enough to act as a contributor to Y3K recipes and as a bi-monthly issue, Coco incorporates many of her simple homely fare for readers to enjoy.

Her debut book "Little Cookies Earn Big $" is a baking issue with 60 recipes. It may be a way to encourage enterprising readers to look for rewarding incentives.

饼模 Cutter
6 焦糖蛋黄酥饼Syrup Glazed Shortbread
8 动物小饼Mmm?Cartoon Ideas
10 日本紫菜饼Japanese Seaweed Cookies
12 桂花香饼Cinnamon Fancy Cookies
14 糙米饼No-fuss Brown Rice Squares
16 小鸡饼Cutie Chick-shaped Cookies
18 芝麻葱香饼Sesame Seed Shallot Crisp Cookies
20 香料橙饼Spiced Orange Starry Treats
22 花生薄荷饼Groundnut Mint Cookies
24 爱心饼Heart Kisses
26 巧克力米饼Cereal Chocolate Cookies
28 芝士饼Cheesy Butterflies
30 车轮饼Cart Wheel Cookies
32 巧克力松仁饼Chocolate Pine Nut Cookies
34 开心酥饼Pistachio Happy Hearts
36 核桃橙饼Walnut Orange Cookies
38 蜜糖麦香巧克力饼Honey Cereals Chocolate Cookies
40 芋香小饼Taro Cookies
42 双层三角形饼Double Layered Triangular Cookies
44 摩卡榛果饼Mocha Hazelnut Cookies

纸杯 Paper Cups

46 豆豆杯饼Nutty Cups
48 美味小杯饼Tasty Cup Cookies
50 奇异果麦香小饼Kiwi & Cereal Cookies
52 蔓越莓酥饼Cranberry Cornflake Cookies
54 脆粟米饼Cornflake Cookies
56 榛果芝士小杯饼Hazelnut Cheese Cups

挤花袋 Piping
58 芝士饼Parmesan Cheese Cookies
60 心花怒放Happy Holiday Cookies
62 椰花小饼Coconut Flower Blossoms
64 向日葵饼Sunflower Kisses
66 奶茶酥饼Red Tea Crunch
68 黑糖杏仁酥Gula Merah Almond Fingers

手工饼 Manual
70 香蒜小饼Garlic Flavoured Cookies
72 哈哈饼Spicy Cookies
74 咖啡糖衣饼Coffee Flavoured Sugar Cookies
76 波菜小饼Spinach Crisps
78 卡士特酥饼Custard Melting Moments
80 黑糖杏仁饼Dark Brown Sugar Almond Cookies
82 山楂圆饼Haw Flake Cookies
84 麦片饼Cereal Crisps
86 葵花杏仁饼Sunflower Seeds Almond Cookies
88 鸳鸯饼Twisted & Sliced Cookies
90 南乳牛耳饼Nam Yee Mock Cow Ear Cookies
92 黑白芝麻芝士脆饼Black & White Sesame Seeds Cheese Cookies
94 巧克力饼Chocolate Crackles
96 小圆饼Snowballs
98 柠檬芝士雪球Lemon Cheesy Snowballs
100 杏桃饼Unbeatable Apricot Bites
102 苹果饼Apple Sauce Cookies
104 红茶杏仁酥Red Tea Almond Cookies
106 果仁麦香小饼Dried Fruit Oat Cookies
108 绿茶饼Green Tea Cookies
110 螺饼Kuih Siput (Enjut-enjut Siput)
112 开心香椰酥饼Crisp Coconut Crescents
114 辫子饼Braided Cookies
116 方块酥Tiers of Cheer
118 彩色千层饼Colourful Layered Cookies
120 巧克力薄荷饼Chocolate Mint Cookies
122 斑马切片饼Zebra Pattern Cookies
124 瓜籽瓦片Sugar & Seed Crunch
126 腰豆方饼Cashewnut Sliced Cookies



Y3K Cookbook Volume No.21
ISBN: 978-983-44755-0-5
First published in October 2009

Retail price:
RM17 (West Malaysia)
RM19.50 (Sabah/ Sarawak)
$11 (S'pore/ Brunei)

Mail order:
RM19 (Malaysia)
$14 (Singapore/ Brunei)

Y3K 食谱专辑系列丛书之21
书名: 做糕真简单
ISBN: 978-983-44755-0-5

RM17 (西马)
RM19.50 (沙巴/砂拉越)
$11 (新加坡/汶来)

RM19 (西马/沙巴/砂拉越)
$14 (新加坡/汶来)

For enquiries, please mail to y3krecipes@gmail.com

Kuih-Muih Exotica

This book is the answer to the demand for Madam Wong to share more of her cookery talent as she has some examples of good kuih making.

Baked, boiled, steamed, fried or chilled, the verdict is that kuih is a favourite at many parties and gatherings. They are pleasing to the eye as well as the taste bud and as such make a lovely presentation. With a good spread printed, it's bound to wow family and guests as few can resist the appeal of kuih-muih.

So try your hand at making these snacks and desserts of old taste but with modern precision. It's fun to learn as Madam Wong shows the way.

Richard & Catherine (The Editors)








余庚财与谢宋美(编 辑)

About The Author

Madam Wong Sip Moi is a teacher by profession but has retired years ago. With a flair for cooking, she decided to upgrade her skill doing intensive training and research in various reputed cooking schools in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore.

In 1978, she started her cooking classes which has over the years trained hundreds and hundreds of cooking enthusiasts. Her many recipes have been repeatedly published by Y3K Publisher under titles of "Delightful Sweet Treats" (Vol.4), "Old-Fashioned Kuih-Muih"(Vol.7), "Traditional Koh Kuih, Lap Mei & Cookies"(Vol.14), "Fashionable Jelly Mooncakes"(Vol.20).

In response to repeated requests, the author has decided to select some of her new wave popular recipes for this fifth book of hers, known as "Traditional Kuih-Muih Step By Step"(Vol.21).

Happy trying!





煎及炸糕点 Shallow Fried & Deep Fried Kuih-Muih

6 脆炸三色年糕 Triple Decker Nian Gao
8 炸甜圈圈 Sweet Potato Doughnuts (Kuih Keria)
10 蜂巢炸香蕉 Crispy Banana Fritters (Pisang Goreng)
12 炸甜香蕉团 Jemput-jemput Pisang
14 脆炸绿豆饼 Green Bean Fritter Snacks
16 芋丝鲜虾球 Taro & Prawn Balls
18 脆炸马铃薯球 Deep-fried Potato Balls
20 香煎葱油饼 Panfried Spring Onion Pancakes
22 水煎包 Panfried Pau with Water
24 鲜虾锅贴 Crispy Oriental Prawn Ravioli
26 网状煎饼 Roti Jala
26 印尼式豆畔咖哩 Dhall Curry Indonesian-style
28 曼煎糕 Ban Chien Kuih (Apam Balik)
30 牛舌饼 Ox Tongue Biscuits

蒸糕 Steamed Kuih-Muih

32 南瓜喜粄 Pumpkin Hee Pan
34 花生馅南瓜喜粄 Pumpkin Hee Pan with Peanut Filling
36 五色蔬果养生糕 Colourful Gorgeous Veggie Kuih
38 鸳鸯糯米蓝花糕 Pulut Tekan with Kaya
40 咖椰糯米蓝花糕 Kuih Pulut Kaya
42 甜薯椰丝球 Onde-Onde
44 椰丝香兰卷 Kuih Dadar (Kuih Ketayap)
46 印尼木薯糕 Kuih Getuk (Pounded Tapioca Kuih)
47 椰浆红豆糕 Red Bean Kuih
48 木薯千层糕 Tapioca Layared Kuih
50 豆片千层糕 Green Peas Layered Kuih
52 双色椰浆糕 Kuih Talam
54 椰浆沙谷夹层糕 Abuk-abuk Sago with Coconut Milk Layer Topping
56 香芋沙谷米层糕 Taro Sago Layered Kuih
58 南瓜香芋层糕 Pumpkin Taro Kuih
60 芋茸椰浆糕 Taro & Coconut Milk Kuih
62 香兰椰浆马蹄糕 Kuih Tako
64 沙谷米椰浆层糕 Sago Coconut Milk Layer Kuih
66 椰丝木薯糕 Kuih Lepat Ubi
68 黑糯米裹仔粿 Black Glutinous Rice Kuih Kochi
70 椰糖香蕉糕 Lepat Pisang
72 槟城娘惹肉粿 Kuih Berlauk
74 香烤蕉叶糯米卷 Pulut Panggang
76 蕉盒软糕 Tepung Pelita

脆炸三色年糕 Triple Decker Nian Gao

脆炸绿豆饼 Green Bean Fritter Snacks

蜂巢炸香蕉 Crispy Banana Fritters (Pisang Goreng)

曼煎糕 Ban Chien Kuih (Apam Balik)

炸甜圈圈 Sweet Potato Doughnuts (Kuih Keria)

炸甜香蕉团 Jemput-jemput Pisang

五色蔬果养生糕 Colourful Gorgeous Veggie Kuih

香烤蕉叶糯米卷 Pulut Panggang

甜薯椰丝球 Onde-Onde

椰丝香兰卷 Kuih Dadar (Kuih Ketayap)

芋茸椰浆糕 Taro & Coconut Milk Kuih

椰丝木薯糕 Kuih Lepat Ubi

花生馅南瓜喜粄 Pumpkin Hee Pan with Peanut Filling


Y3K Cookbooks - Vol 20 - Fashionable Jelly Mooncakes 时尚燕菜月饼

Y3K Bilingual (English/ Chinese) Cookbook Vol.20
Title: Fashionable Jelly Mooncakes 时尚燕菜月饼
Authors: Wong Sip Moi
Publisher: Y Three K Publisher
ISBN:978-983-43531-9-3 (Printed in Malaysia)
First published: 1st August 2009
Selling Price: RM10 (excluding postage charges)
For enquiry, please e-mail to:y3krecipes@gmail.com



Turning Jelly Mooncake Fantasy Into Reality
We all look forward to yearly festivals and much of the allure lies in the traditions. As the mooncake festival comes around, it is often associated with eating mooncakes, small taroes, caltrops (ling jiao) and feasting. But during the last couple of years, a new wave mooncake known as jelly mooncake is the in-thing for the lantern festival.

In year 2007, Y3K has published a book on the theme of “MOONCAKES”. We received an overwhelming demand for more jelly mooncake recipes.

It was a pleasure to work with Mdm. Wong Sip Moi once again as she delivered her fourth book offering readers a vast choice of jelly mooncakes. Your efforts in experimenting with these recipes will surely bring forth good results.

作者序 About The Author



Madam Wong Sip Moi is a teacher by profession but has retired years ago. With a flair for cooking, she decided to upgrade her skill doing intensive training and research in various reputed cooking schools in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore.

In 1978, she started her cooking classes which has over the years trained hundreds and hundreds of cooking enthusiasts. Her many recipes have been repeatedly published by Y3K Publisher under titles of “Delightful Sweet Treats” (Vol.4), “Old-Fashioned Kuih-Muih” (Vol.7), “Traditional Koh Kuih, Lap Mei & Cookies” (Vol.14).

In response to repeated requests, the author has decided to select some of her new wave popular recipes for this fourth book of hers, known as “Fashionable Jelly Mooncakes” (Vol.20).

Happy trying!

1. 锦玉蛋花燕菜月饼 Pretty Lacy Eggy Jelly Mooncakes
2. 南瓜椰香黑芝麻燕菜月饼 Pumpkin Delight Jelly Mooncakes
3. 彩粒龙珠果燕菜月饼 Colourful Dragon Fruit Jelly Mooncakes
4. 白咖啡芝士燕菜月饼 White Coffee Cheese Jelly Mooncakes
5. 珍珠翡翠芋茸燕菜月饼 Pearl Emerald Taro Jelly Mooncakes
6. 草莓莲蓉燕菜月饼 Strawberry Lotus Paste Jelly Mooncakes
7. 蓝莓粟米燕菜月饼 Blueberry Sweetcorn Jelly Mooncakes
8. 雪花红豆燕菜月饼 Snowy Jelly Mooncakes with Red Bean Paste
9. 晶露椰糖香燕菜月饼 Cendol Palm Sugar Jelly Mooncakes
10. 龙珠芒果燕菜月饼 Dragon Fruit Mango Jelly Mooncakes
11. 粟米芋茸冰淇淋燕菜 Sweetcorn Taro Ice Cream Jelly Mooncakes
12. 芒果燕菜月饼 Mango Jelly Mooncakes
13. 沙谷米红枣燕菜月饼 Sago Red Dates Jelly Mooncakes
14. 红豆椰香燕菜月饼 Red Beans Coconut Layer Jelly Mooncakes
15. 苹果优格燕菜月饼 Apple Yoghurt Jelly Mooncakes
16. 提拉米苏冰淇淋燕菜月饼 Tiramisu Ice Cream Jelly Mooncakes
17. 葡萄优格燕菜月饼 Grape Juice Yoghurt Jelly Mooncakes
18. 西瓜椰汁燕菜月饼 Watermelon Coconut Milk Jelly Mooncakes
19. 蜜瓜豆沙燕菜月饼 Honeydew Melon Jelly Mooncakes
20. 珍珠环枣燕菜月饼 Sago Jelly Mooncakes
21. 龙珠果燕菜月饼 Dragon-fruit Jelly Mooncakes


Y3K Cookbooks - Vol 19 - Natural Vegetarian Recipes 天然素食

Y3K Bilingual (English/ Chinese) Cookbook Vol.19
Title: Natural Vegetarian Recipes 天然素食
Authors: Ang Yeow Gee/ Chong Yin Kiat
Publisher: Y Three K Publisher
ISBN:978-983-43531-8-6 (Printed in Malaysia)
First published: 1st June 2009
Selling Price: RM17 (excluding postage charges)
For enquiry, please e-mail to:y3krecipes@gmail.com

Going Vegetarism to Protect Mother-Earth
“Earth has been badly damaged”.

Global warming is on the rise and we as children of the world should all work together to create awareness of saving energy, planting trees instead of clearing green lungs and forests. We can also clean in a more environmentally-friendly manner so as to reduce carbon dioxide’s emission. Deforestation or land cleared for logging is a threat to the natural habitat of wildlife as forest habitat absorbs greenhouse gas emission. The sun is getting stronger and surface temperatures are getting hotter and hotter. Even glaciers and snow are retreating. Because of climate change, sea level can rise and wash away human lifes, villages and land.

We should learn to take charge and be more eco-conscious. There is the ecological and economical argument that the starving people of the world could be better provided for if our meals were not so meat-centred. You need tonnes of vegetable protein to feed animals to produce one tonne of animal protein. If less grain were used to raise graze animals destined for human consumption, more grain would become available for other humans. Public awareness of the dietary advantages of vegetable has grown. Vegetarian dishes can provide a good food alternative and thought to be in conjunction with the body well-being.

With a little planning, it is certainly far from the dull tasteless food that it is made out to be!

The basic concept of vegetarianism is to abstain from consuming meat as the human being and the environment are closely related. With such variety of vegetarian food available today, it need hardly be boring. The choice is yours.

Richard & Catherine (The Editors)
Tel: 6(03) - 8945 3000 Fax: 6(03) - 8945 0888
e-mail: editor@y3k.com.my





根据2007年诺贝尔和平奖得主联合国气候变迁科学研究小组领导印度经济学家卜卓里RAJENDRA PACHAURI在巴黎记者会上公开呼吁:「不吃肉、骑脚踏车、少消费,就可以协助遏止全球暖化。」





余庚财与谢宋美 (编辑)

①摇滚哇沙米Special Dressing
☆ 摇滚沙律(第14页) Cashewnut salad (Pg.14)
☆ 缤纷彩虹(第16页) Rainbow salad (Pg.16)
☆ 凉拌海带(第18页)Salad of Sea Kelp (Pg.18)

②味噌腐乳酱Homemade Miso Sauce
☆ 家乡豆腐(第20页) My Hometown Beancurd (Pg.20)
☆ 粟米味噌汤(第22页) Corn & Miso Soup (Pg.22)
☆ 味噌烩乌冬(第24页) Udon Noodle Braised with Miso Sauce (Pg.24)

③酱香汁Fragrant Bean Sauce
☆ 瓦煲酱香豆腐(第26页) Claypot Taufoo with Fragrant Bean Sauce (Pg.26)
☆ 酱香百灵菇(第28页) Bai Ling Mushrooms Fried with Fragrant Bean Sauce (Pg.28)
☆ 酱香茄子煲(第30页) Claypot Brinjals with Fragrant Bean Sauce (Pg.30)

④姜味烧酱Ginger Spicy Sauce
☆ 姜味烧素鱼(第32页) Mock Fish with Ginger Spicy Sauce (Pg.32)
☆ 姜味烧芦笋素球(第34页) Ginger Spicy Sauce with Mock Chicken (Pg.34)
☆ 姜味烧金瓜煲(第36页) Golden Pumpkin with Ginger Spicy Sauce(Pg.36)
☆ 姜味烧茄子(第38页) Brinjals Cooked with Ginger Spicy Sauce (Pg.38)

⑤泰式美奶滋Thai-style Mayonnaise
☆ 酥炸蚝菇沙律(第40页) Crisp-fried Oyster Mushrooms (Pg.40)
☆ 薄菏可乐饼(第42页) Minty balls (Pg.42)
☆ 鸡尾酒沙律(第44页) Cocktail Salad (Pg.44)
☆ 威化纸三色水果卷(第46页) Triple Fruits Roll Encased in Wafer Paper (Pg.46)

⑥泰式酱 Siamese Sauce
☆ 凉拌珊瑚草(第48页) Coralline Seaweed Salad (Pg.48)
☆ 泰式炸豆腐(第50页) Siamese-style Deep-fried Taufoo (Pg.50)
☆ 泰式酥炸蚝菇(第52页) Trendy Mushroom Crisps (Pg.52)
☆ 泰式素鱼(第54页)Mock Fish Thai-style (Pg.54)

⑦咖哩酱Curry Sauce
☆ 越南风味咖哩煲(第56页) Vietnamese-style Curry Dish (Pg.56)
☆ 咖哩素鱼(第58页) Mock Fish Curry (Pg.58)
☆ 咖哩蔬菜(第60页) Vegetables Curry (Pg.60)
☆ 咖哩什菇(第62页) Mixed Mushrooms Curry (Pg.62)

⑧粟米咖哩酱Sweetcorn Curry Sauce
☆ 粟米咖哩肠粉(第64页) Sweetcorn Curry Chee Cheong Fun (Pg.64)
☆ 乳酪薯条(第66页) Cheesy Chips(Pg.66)
☆ 日式咖哩饭(第68页) Japanese Curry Rice (Pg.68)

⑨怪味酱 Unusual Taste Sauce
☆ 怪味拌粉皮(第70页) Green Beans Starch Sheet With Sauce (Pg.70)
☆ 怪味豆腐(第72页) Taufoo with Sauce (Pg.72)
☆ 怪味串烧(第74页) Tasty Kebabs with Sauce (Pg.74)

⑩香椿沙茶酱Chinese Toona Sar Char Sauce
☆ 香椿方酥(第76页) Chinese Toona Taufoo Crisps (Pg.76)
☆ 香椿白菜卷(第78页) Chinese Toona Vege Rolls (Pg.78)
☆ 香椿百页豆腐(第80页) Chinese Toona Refreshing Pai Yeh Taufoo (Pg.80)
☆ 香椿皮蛋(第82页) Chinese Toona Century Eggs (Pg.82)

⑾南乳酱Nam Yee Sauce
☆ 南乳大白菜焖百灵菇(第84页)
Nam Yee Tientsin Cabbage Braised with Bailing Mushrooms (Pg.84)
☆ 荷叶南乳猴头菇(第86页) Monkey Head Mushrooms in Lotus Leaf (Pg.86)


Y3K Cookbooks - Vol18 - Vegetarian Food & Sauce

Y3K Bilingual (English/ Chinese) Cookbook Vol.18
Title: Vegetarian Food & Sauce 素酱素菜
Authors: Ang Yeow Gee/ Chong Yin Kiat
Publisher: Y Three K Publisher
ISBN:978-983-43531-7-9 (Printed in Malaysia)
First published: 15th May 2009
Selling Price: RM17 (excluding postage charges)
For enquiry, please e-mail to:y3krecipes@gmail.com

①天妇罗酱汁Tempura Sauce
☆ 天妇罗(第14页)Tempura (Pg.14)
☆ 冰镇抹茶面(第16页)Cold Green Tea Somen (Pg.16)
☆ 茶碗蒸(第18页) Chawanmushi (Pg.18)

②和风酱汁 Japanese Sauce
☆ 翡翠菠菜(第20页)Emerald Vegetable (Pg.20)
☆ 和风炒饭(第22页) Japanese-style Fried Rice (Pg.22)

③豉汁酱Unique Bean Sauce
☆ 豉汁酱烧杏鲍菇(第24页) Unique Bean Sauce Fried w/King Oyster Mushrooms(Pg.24)
☆ 豉汁凉瓜百灵菇(第26页) Unique Bean Sauce w/ Bittergourd & Bai Ling Mushrooms (Pg.26)
☆ 豉汁蒸豆腐(第28页) Unique Bean Sauce and Steamed Taufoo (Pg.28)
☆ 豉汁三菇扒时蔬(第30页) Unique Bean Sauce with Mushrooms and Greens (Pg.30)

④红谷米烧汁Red-braised Sauce
☆ 瓦煲红谷米烧汁大平菇(第32页) Claypot Mushroom with Sauce (Pg.32)
☆ 红谷米烧汁松菇(第34页) Mushrooms Delicacy(Pg.34)
☆ 红谷米烧汁百灵菇(第36页) Bai Ling Mushroom with Sauce (Pg.36)

⑤甘香辣酱Spicy Kam Heong Sauce
☆ 甘香炒面(第38页) Spicy Kam Heong Noodle (Pg.38)
☆ 甘香猴头菇(第40页) Monkey Head Mushrooms with Spicy Kam Sauce (Pg.40)
☆ 甘香莲藕片(第42页)Lotus Root Fry with Spicy Kam Heong (Pg.42)

⑥香茅辣酱 Lemongrass Spicy Sauce
☆ 香茅辣酱炒米粉(第44页) Lemongrass Spicy Sauce Cooked with Meehoon (Pg.44)
☆ 香茅金瓜粉皮卷(第46页) Pumpkin Rice Paper Rolls with Lemongrass Sauce (Pg.46)

⑦宫保汁Kungpo Sauce
☆ 宫保素鸡丁(第48页) Kungpo Mock Diced Chicken (Pg.48)
☆ 宫保豆腐(第50页) Kungpo Taufoo(Pg.50)
☆ 宫保猴头菇(第52页) Kungpo Sauce with Monkey Head Mushrooms(Pg.52)
☆ 宫保素鱼(第54页) Kungpo Mock Fish (Pg.54)
☆ 宫保素鳝鱼(第56页) Kungpo Mock Eels (Pg.56)

⑧黑胡椒酱Black Pepper Sauce
☆ 黑胡椒大平菇(第58页) Black Pepper Sauce and Portabello Mushroom (Pg.58)
☆ 黑胡椒百灵菇(第60页) Black Pepper Sauce and Bai Ling Mushroom (Pg.60)
☆ 黑胡椒芒果素球(第62页) Black Pepper Sauce w/ Mango & Mock Chicken (Pg.62)
☆ 黑胡椒扒菇(第64页) Black Pepper Sauce Mushroom Chop (Pg.64)

⑨香草芒果美奶滋酱Dill Mango Mayonnaise Sauce
☆ 罗曼生菜沙律(第66页) Romaine Lettuce Salad (Pg.66)
☆ 五香豆腐卷(第68页) Five Spice Taufoo Roll (Pg.68)
☆ 香酥芒果蚝菇(第70页) Oyster Mushroom Crisps (Pg.70)

⑩柠檬黄梨汁Lemon Pineapple Sauce
☆ 越南网皮卷(第72页) Vietnamese Net Rolls (Pg.72)
☆ 海洋恋曲(第74页) Health Winsome Salad (Pg.74)
☆ 素虾饼盏(第76页) Vegetarian Crackers Appetizer Dish (Pg.76)

⑾白酱White Sauce
☆ 白酱意大利面(第78页) Spaghetti & white sauce (Pg.78)
☆ 烤白酱大平菇(第80页) Baked Portabello with white sauce (Pg.80)

⑿意大利酱Italian Sauce
☆ 酿大番茄(第82页) Pasta with sauce (Pg.82)
☆ 意大利酱拌笔管面(第84页) Baked Stuffed Tomato (Pg.84)