Y3K Cookbooks - Vol 19 - Natural Vegetarian Recipes 天然素食

Y3K Bilingual (English/ Chinese) Cookbook Vol.19
Title: Natural Vegetarian Recipes 天然素食
Authors: Ang Yeow Gee/ Chong Yin Kiat
Publisher: Y Three K Publisher
ISBN:978-983-43531-8-6 (Printed in Malaysia)
First published: 1st June 2009
Selling Price: RM17 (excluding postage charges)
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Going Vegetarism to Protect Mother-Earth
“Earth has been badly damaged”.

Global warming is on the rise and we as children of the world should all work together to create awareness of saving energy, planting trees instead of clearing green lungs and forests. We can also clean in a more environmentally-friendly manner so as to reduce carbon dioxide’s emission. Deforestation or land cleared for logging is a threat to the natural habitat of wildlife as forest habitat absorbs greenhouse gas emission. The sun is getting stronger and surface temperatures are getting hotter and hotter. Even glaciers and snow are retreating. Because of climate change, sea level can rise and wash away human lifes, villages and land.

We should learn to take charge and be more eco-conscious. There is the ecological and economical argument that the starving people of the world could be better provided for if our meals were not so meat-centred. You need tonnes of vegetable protein to feed animals to produce one tonne of animal protein. If less grain were used to raise graze animals destined for human consumption, more grain would become available for other humans. Public awareness of the dietary advantages of vegetable has grown. Vegetarian dishes can provide a good food alternative and thought to be in conjunction with the body well-being.

With a little planning, it is certainly far from the dull tasteless food that it is made out to be!

The basic concept of vegetarianism is to abstain from consuming meat as the human being and the environment are closely related. With such variety of vegetarian food available today, it need hardly be boring. The choice is yours.

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根据2007年诺贝尔和平奖得主联合国气候变迁科学研究小组领导印度经济学家卜卓里RAJENDRA PACHAURI在巴黎记者会上公开呼吁:「不吃肉、骑脚踏车、少消费,就可以协助遏止全球暖化。」





余庚财与谢宋美 (编辑)

①摇滚哇沙米Special Dressing
☆ 摇滚沙律(第14页) Cashewnut salad (Pg.14)
☆ 缤纷彩虹(第16页) Rainbow salad (Pg.16)
☆ 凉拌海带(第18页)Salad of Sea Kelp (Pg.18)

②味噌腐乳酱Homemade Miso Sauce
☆ 家乡豆腐(第20页) My Hometown Beancurd (Pg.20)
☆ 粟米味噌汤(第22页) Corn & Miso Soup (Pg.22)
☆ 味噌烩乌冬(第24页) Udon Noodle Braised with Miso Sauce (Pg.24)

③酱香汁Fragrant Bean Sauce
☆ 瓦煲酱香豆腐(第26页) Claypot Taufoo with Fragrant Bean Sauce (Pg.26)
☆ 酱香百灵菇(第28页) Bai Ling Mushrooms Fried with Fragrant Bean Sauce (Pg.28)
☆ 酱香茄子煲(第30页) Claypot Brinjals with Fragrant Bean Sauce (Pg.30)

④姜味烧酱Ginger Spicy Sauce
☆ 姜味烧素鱼(第32页) Mock Fish with Ginger Spicy Sauce (Pg.32)
☆ 姜味烧芦笋素球(第34页) Ginger Spicy Sauce with Mock Chicken (Pg.34)
☆ 姜味烧金瓜煲(第36页) Golden Pumpkin with Ginger Spicy Sauce(Pg.36)
☆ 姜味烧茄子(第38页) Brinjals Cooked with Ginger Spicy Sauce (Pg.38)

⑤泰式美奶滋Thai-style Mayonnaise
☆ 酥炸蚝菇沙律(第40页) Crisp-fried Oyster Mushrooms (Pg.40)
☆ 薄菏可乐饼(第42页) Minty balls (Pg.42)
☆ 鸡尾酒沙律(第44页) Cocktail Salad (Pg.44)
☆ 威化纸三色水果卷(第46页) Triple Fruits Roll Encased in Wafer Paper (Pg.46)

⑥泰式酱 Siamese Sauce
☆ 凉拌珊瑚草(第48页) Coralline Seaweed Salad (Pg.48)
☆ 泰式炸豆腐(第50页) Siamese-style Deep-fried Taufoo (Pg.50)
☆ 泰式酥炸蚝菇(第52页) Trendy Mushroom Crisps (Pg.52)
☆ 泰式素鱼(第54页)Mock Fish Thai-style (Pg.54)

⑦咖哩酱Curry Sauce
☆ 越南风味咖哩煲(第56页) Vietnamese-style Curry Dish (Pg.56)
☆ 咖哩素鱼(第58页) Mock Fish Curry (Pg.58)
☆ 咖哩蔬菜(第60页) Vegetables Curry (Pg.60)
☆ 咖哩什菇(第62页) Mixed Mushrooms Curry (Pg.62)

⑧粟米咖哩酱Sweetcorn Curry Sauce
☆ 粟米咖哩肠粉(第64页) Sweetcorn Curry Chee Cheong Fun (Pg.64)
☆ 乳酪薯条(第66页) Cheesy Chips(Pg.66)
☆ 日式咖哩饭(第68页) Japanese Curry Rice (Pg.68)

⑨怪味酱 Unusual Taste Sauce
☆ 怪味拌粉皮(第70页) Green Beans Starch Sheet With Sauce (Pg.70)
☆ 怪味豆腐(第72页) Taufoo with Sauce (Pg.72)
☆ 怪味串烧(第74页) Tasty Kebabs with Sauce (Pg.74)

⑩香椿沙茶酱Chinese Toona Sar Char Sauce
☆ 香椿方酥(第76页) Chinese Toona Taufoo Crisps (Pg.76)
☆ 香椿白菜卷(第78页) Chinese Toona Vege Rolls (Pg.78)
☆ 香椿百页豆腐(第80页) Chinese Toona Refreshing Pai Yeh Taufoo (Pg.80)
☆ 香椿皮蛋(第82页) Chinese Toona Century Eggs (Pg.82)

⑾南乳酱Nam Yee Sauce
☆ 南乳大白菜焖百灵菇(第84页)
Nam Yee Tientsin Cabbage Braised with Bailing Mushrooms (Pg.84)
☆ 荷叶南乳猴头菇(第86页) Monkey Head Mushrooms in Lotus Leaf (Pg.86)


Cookie said...


I own few of the Y3K cookbooks, and I like the great recipes!

Other than being an occasion vegetarian, I enjoy naking vegetarian cakes but I find that good vegetarian cake recipe is hard to come by.

Will be great if you can recommend some good eggless cake soon!

Y3K food & travel said...

Thank you for your support. Will publish I we can find a good chef who cake bake vegetarian cakes.

Debbie said...

Hi, do the recipes contain ingredients like onion or garlic?

Y3K food & travel said...

Hi Debbie,

No, but one of the sauce - Thai-style Mayonnaise contains mayonnaise, milk. One recipe contains milk, one with cheese and another one with egg.

Debbie said...

That's great! My mum's a lactose-intolerant Buddhist vegetarian and I often don't know what to prepare for her other than normal veg stir-fried with ginger. This book might help.

And thanks for replying!

Y3K food & travel said...

You are welcome.