Y3K Cookbooks - Vol18 - Vegetarian Food & Sauce

Y3K Bilingual (English/ Chinese) Cookbook Vol.18
Title: Vegetarian Food & Sauce 素酱素菜
Authors: Ang Yeow Gee/ Chong Yin Kiat
Publisher: Y Three K Publisher
ISBN:978-983-43531-7-9 (Printed in Malaysia)
First published: 15th May 2009
Selling Price: RM17 (excluding postage charges)
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①天妇罗酱汁Tempura Sauce
☆ 天妇罗(第14页)Tempura (Pg.14)
☆ 冰镇抹茶面(第16页)Cold Green Tea Somen (Pg.16)
☆ 茶碗蒸(第18页) Chawanmushi (Pg.18)

②和风酱汁 Japanese Sauce
☆ 翡翠菠菜(第20页)Emerald Vegetable (Pg.20)
☆ 和风炒饭(第22页) Japanese-style Fried Rice (Pg.22)

③豉汁酱Unique Bean Sauce
☆ 豉汁酱烧杏鲍菇(第24页) Unique Bean Sauce Fried w/King Oyster Mushrooms(Pg.24)
☆ 豉汁凉瓜百灵菇(第26页) Unique Bean Sauce w/ Bittergourd & Bai Ling Mushrooms (Pg.26)
☆ 豉汁蒸豆腐(第28页) Unique Bean Sauce and Steamed Taufoo (Pg.28)
☆ 豉汁三菇扒时蔬(第30页) Unique Bean Sauce with Mushrooms and Greens (Pg.30)

④红谷米烧汁Red-braised Sauce
☆ 瓦煲红谷米烧汁大平菇(第32页) Claypot Mushroom with Sauce (Pg.32)
☆ 红谷米烧汁松菇(第34页) Mushrooms Delicacy(Pg.34)
☆ 红谷米烧汁百灵菇(第36页) Bai Ling Mushroom with Sauce (Pg.36)

⑤甘香辣酱Spicy Kam Heong Sauce
☆ 甘香炒面(第38页) Spicy Kam Heong Noodle (Pg.38)
☆ 甘香猴头菇(第40页) Monkey Head Mushrooms with Spicy Kam Sauce (Pg.40)
☆ 甘香莲藕片(第42页)Lotus Root Fry with Spicy Kam Heong (Pg.42)

⑥香茅辣酱 Lemongrass Spicy Sauce
☆ 香茅辣酱炒米粉(第44页) Lemongrass Spicy Sauce Cooked with Meehoon (Pg.44)
☆ 香茅金瓜粉皮卷(第46页) Pumpkin Rice Paper Rolls with Lemongrass Sauce (Pg.46)

⑦宫保汁Kungpo Sauce
☆ 宫保素鸡丁(第48页) Kungpo Mock Diced Chicken (Pg.48)
☆ 宫保豆腐(第50页) Kungpo Taufoo(Pg.50)
☆ 宫保猴头菇(第52页) Kungpo Sauce with Monkey Head Mushrooms(Pg.52)
☆ 宫保素鱼(第54页) Kungpo Mock Fish (Pg.54)
☆ 宫保素鳝鱼(第56页) Kungpo Mock Eels (Pg.56)

⑧黑胡椒酱Black Pepper Sauce
☆ 黑胡椒大平菇(第58页) Black Pepper Sauce and Portabello Mushroom (Pg.58)
☆ 黑胡椒百灵菇(第60页) Black Pepper Sauce and Bai Ling Mushroom (Pg.60)
☆ 黑胡椒芒果素球(第62页) Black Pepper Sauce w/ Mango & Mock Chicken (Pg.62)
☆ 黑胡椒扒菇(第64页) Black Pepper Sauce Mushroom Chop (Pg.64)

⑨香草芒果美奶滋酱Dill Mango Mayonnaise Sauce
☆ 罗曼生菜沙律(第66页) Romaine Lettuce Salad (Pg.66)
☆ 五香豆腐卷(第68页) Five Spice Taufoo Roll (Pg.68)
☆ 香酥芒果蚝菇(第70页) Oyster Mushroom Crisps (Pg.70)

⑩柠檬黄梨汁Lemon Pineapple Sauce
☆ 越南网皮卷(第72页) Vietnamese Net Rolls (Pg.72)
☆ 海洋恋曲(第74页) Health Winsome Salad (Pg.74)
☆ 素虾饼盏(第76页) Vegetarian Crackers Appetizer Dish (Pg.76)

⑾白酱White Sauce
☆ 白酱意大利面(第78页) Spaghetti & white sauce (Pg.78)
☆ 烤白酱大平菇(第80页) Baked Portabello with white sauce (Pg.80)

⑿意大利酱Italian Sauce
☆ 酿大番茄(第82页) Pasta with sauce (Pg.82)
☆ 意大利酱拌笔管面(第84页) Baked Stuffed Tomato (Pg.84)

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