Little Cookies Earn Big $

Y3K Cookbook Volume No.22
Title: Little Cookies Earn Big $
ISBN: 978-983-44755-1-2
First published in November 2009

Retail price:
RM20 (West Malaysia)
RM23 (Sabah/ Sarawak)
$14 (S'pore/ Brunei)

Mail order:
RM22 (Malaysia)
$17 (Singapore/ Brunei)

Y3K 食谱专辑系列丛书之22
书名: 做小饼 赚大钱
ISBN: 978-983-44755-1-2

RM20 (西马)
RM23 (沙巴/砂拉越)

RM22 (西马/沙巴/砂拉越)
$17 (新加坡/汶来)

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Little Cookies Earn Big $

In a run-up to CNY, every family spring cleans the house. This is in line with the renewal process as it makes the world go round. Prayers often centre around blessings for a blissful marriage, elevated position in one's career, brilliant off springs with good study marks or another year of good health.

Traditional practices are still observed. The halls are decked with blooming plants, new clothes are sewn, festive dishes are planned or hampers sent to the elders. It may be a season of goodwill for the affluent but for a cash-strapped family, it can be a tight season as it coincides with a new semester as money is needed for school books, uniform, shoes and transport.

Wise housewives may resort to earning some festive money like baking cookies for sale. Perhaps, mini goals would be a good way to start. If opportunity does not present itself, she will create the opportunity. Readers can look up our other festive cookies books like "New Year Cookies" and "Cookies". With another new volume created by Coco, it may continue to impact the lives of many industrious people. baking cookies can be both sustainable and rewarding in a home business opportunity.

做小饼 赚大钱





江丽凤老师 Coco Kong Ley Hung (Tel:012-8513915)



Coco Kong started her career as a cooking instructor in Miri. At present, she is generous enough to act as a contributor to Y3K recipes and as a bi-monthly issue, Coco incorporates many of her simple homely fare for readers to enjoy.

Her debut book "Little Cookies Earn Big $" is a baking issue with 60 recipes. It may be a way to encourage enterprising readers to look for rewarding incentives.

饼模 Cutter
6 焦糖蛋黄酥饼Syrup Glazed Shortbread
8 动物小饼Mmm?Cartoon Ideas
10 日本紫菜饼Japanese Seaweed Cookies
12 桂花香饼Cinnamon Fancy Cookies
14 糙米饼No-fuss Brown Rice Squares
16 小鸡饼Cutie Chick-shaped Cookies
18 芝麻葱香饼Sesame Seed Shallot Crisp Cookies
20 香料橙饼Spiced Orange Starry Treats
22 花生薄荷饼Groundnut Mint Cookies
24 爱心饼Heart Kisses
26 巧克力米饼Cereal Chocolate Cookies
28 芝士饼Cheesy Butterflies
30 车轮饼Cart Wheel Cookies
32 巧克力松仁饼Chocolate Pine Nut Cookies
34 开心酥饼Pistachio Happy Hearts
36 核桃橙饼Walnut Orange Cookies
38 蜜糖麦香巧克力饼Honey Cereals Chocolate Cookies
40 芋香小饼Taro Cookies
42 双层三角形饼Double Layered Triangular Cookies
44 摩卡榛果饼Mocha Hazelnut Cookies

纸杯 Paper Cups

46 豆豆杯饼Nutty Cups
48 美味小杯饼Tasty Cup Cookies
50 奇异果麦香小饼Kiwi & Cereal Cookies
52 蔓越莓酥饼Cranberry Cornflake Cookies
54 脆粟米饼Cornflake Cookies
56 榛果芝士小杯饼Hazelnut Cheese Cups

挤花袋 Piping
58 芝士饼Parmesan Cheese Cookies
60 心花怒放Happy Holiday Cookies
62 椰花小饼Coconut Flower Blossoms
64 向日葵饼Sunflower Kisses
66 奶茶酥饼Red Tea Crunch
68 黑糖杏仁酥Gula Merah Almond Fingers

手工饼 Manual
70 香蒜小饼Garlic Flavoured Cookies
72 哈哈饼Spicy Cookies
74 咖啡糖衣饼Coffee Flavoured Sugar Cookies
76 波菜小饼Spinach Crisps
78 卡士特酥饼Custard Melting Moments
80 黑糖杏仁饼Dark Brown Sugar Almond Cookies
82 山楂圆饼Haw Flake Cookies
84 麦片饼Cereal Crisps
86 葵花杏仁饼Sunflower Seeds Almond Cookies
88 鸳鸯饼Twisted & Sliced Cookies
90 南乳牛耳饼Nam Yee Mock Cow Ear Cookies
92 黑白芝麻芝士脆饼Black & White Sesame Seeds Cheese Cookies
94 巧克力饼Chocolate Crackles
96 小圆饼Snowballs
98 柠檬芝士雪球Lemon Cheesy Snowballs
100 杏桃饼Unbeatable Apricot Bites
102 苹果饼Apple Sauce Cookies
104 红茶杏仁酥Red Tea Almond Cookies
106 果仁麦香小饼Dried Fruit Oat Cookies
108 绿茶饼Green Tea Cookies
110 螺饼Kuih Siput (Enjut-enjut Siput)
112 开心香椰酥饼Crisp Coconut Crescents
114 辫子饼Braided Cookies
116 方块酥Tiers of Cheer
118 彩色千层饼Colourful Layered Cookies
120 巧克力薄荷饼Chocolate Mint Cookies
122 斑马切片饼Zebra Pattern Cookies
124 瓜籽瓦片Sugar & Seed Crunch
126 腰豆方饼Cashewnut Sliced Cookies