MICROWAVE COOKING with Patricia 微波食谱NO.1

Y3K Cookbook Volume No.23
Title: MICROWAVE COOKING with Patricia
ISBN: 978-983-44755-2-9
First published in April 2010

Retail price:
RM20 (West Malaysia)
RM23 (Sabah/ Sarawak)
$14 (S'pore/ Brunei)

Mail order:
RM22 (Malaysia)
$17 (Singapore/ Brunei)

Y3K 食谱专辑系列丛书之23
书名: 微波食谱NO.1
ISBN: 978-983-44755-2-9

RM20 (西马)
RM23 (沙巴/砂拉越)

RM22 (西马/沙巴/砂拉越)
$17 (新加坡/汶来)

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微波炉是现代厨房必备之恩物,尤其是身兼两职,既要出外工作打拼,又要充当一家之煮的女强人,微波炉使烹调更加方便简单。然而,根据过去的经验及调查所得,大部份家庭对于微波炉的运用只局限于煮热开水及弄热冷菜冷饭而已,其他用途一概不知。有鉴于此,Y3K特地向拥有多年以微波炉烹调经验的高手—Patricia Fair讨教,并要求她研究一本以家庭菜为主的微波食谱。



Patricia Fair - Queen Of The Microwave Oven

A microwave oven is simply a very convenient kitchen appliance as the main advantage of it is speed. Easy to operate if you fully understand all the do's and do not's, busy people will find it real handy when it comes to defrosting or reheating a wide variety of foods. It has quite a range of other functions to cater for daily cooking but according to our survey, general families just fail to comprehend on the oven's operations.

Patricia, an expert in microwave cooking has compiled 60 simple recipes and a rough guide for readers. This should help you to enjoy the maximum benefits on the usage.

Patricia, a lady of many talents, is the pioneer teacher in microwave cooking and coincidentally, the first cookery demonstrator for microwave cooking series on television programmes. She is English speaking but her fluency in Cantonese is remarkable. She has a natural flair for the culinary world and had enrolled for a microwave cooking course in Japan years ago before the microwave oven made it's initial appearance in the local market.

These are positive recipes in order for everyone to enjoy trying them out.

Patricia Fair: 016 - 316 1206 (patfair1002@yahoo.com)


Expert in microwave cooking -- The pioneer teacher in microwave cooking and coincidentally, the first cookery demonstrator for microwave cooking series on television programmes.

10 炸鸡腿配开胃柠檬酱Oven Fried Drumsticks with Lemon Sauce
12 黑椒黄金鸡Black Pepper Golden Chicken
14 美味叉烧鸡Delicious Chicken Char Siu
16 滋补帝皇鸡Nutritious Emperor Chicken
18 香葱麻油鸡Sesame Oil Spring Onion Chicken
20 简易咖哩鸡Instant Chicken Curry with Potatoes

2.Duck, Beef, Lamb鸭/牛/羊
22 草果药材鸭Herbal Braised Duck
24 简易牛肉仁当Easy Beef Rendang
26 黑椒牛柳Stir Fry Beef Tenderloin
28 迷迭香焖羊肉Rosemary Lamb Stew
30 咖哩羊肉Lamb Curry

32 泰式蒸鱼Steamed Fish Thai-Style
34 冬炎蒸鱼Steamed Fish Tom Yam-Style
36 酸辣亚叁鱼Fish Assam Pedas
37 酸甜荔枝鱼Sweet Sour Lychee Fish
38 姜茸蒸鱼Steamed Ginger Paste Fish
39 咖喱鱼头Curry Fish-Head

40 海鲜乌达乌达Seafood Otak-Otak
42 甜辣花蟹Sweet Chilli Flower Crab
44 叁峇臭豆虾Prawn Petai Sambal
45 椰香海鲜汤Seafood in Coconut Gravy
46 大葱辣椒煎蛋Chilli Onion Omelette
48 肉碎豆腐Beancurd with Meat Toppings

50 四川菜炒鸡柳Stir Fry Szechuan Vege with Chicken Strips
51 苦瓜焖鸡Braised Bittergourd with Chicken
52 咖喱杂菜Mixed Vegetable Curry
54 芦笋炒虾球Stir-fried Prawns with Asparagus
55 黄梨巴遮里Pineapple Pachree

6.Claypot Dishes瓦煲烹调
56 瓦煲豉油鸡Claypot Soy Sauce Chicken
57 瓦煲豆腐Claypot Taufoo
58 瓦煲鸡饭Claypot Chicken Rice
60 瓦煲鸡粥Claypot Chicken Porridge

7.Noodles/ Rice面类/饭
62 传统鸡饭Traditional Chicken Rice
64 寿面Festive Noodles
66 可拉布冬粉Kerabu Tung Hoon
68 香焖米粉Braised Vermicelli
70 鱼片米果条Fish Fillet Kway Tiau
72 即食面Instant Noodles Delight
73 蔬菜豆签Vegetable Bean Mee

74 ABC蛋花汤ABC Egg Drop Soup
75 菜心鱼滑汤Choy Sum Fishpaste Soup
76 苋菜鱼丸汤Spinach and Fishballs Soup
77 四川酸辣汤Szechuan Sour & Hot Soup
78 大葱汤Onion Soup

9.Nutritious Fast Food营养快餐
80 香肠烤马铃薯Potato Snack Cups
82 家乡汉堡包Burgers Salad Buns
84 香肠口袋面包Pita Bread Hot Dog
85 营养沙律Hearty Salad

10.Cakes & Cookies蛋糕及饼干
86 杯子蛋糕Party Cupcakes
88 核桃红萝卜蛋糕Carrot Walnut Cake
89 纸盒烤蛋糕Cake in A Box
90 开心曲奇饼Happy Cookies
91 谷粮慕斯里Muesli Bites

11.Desserts, Kuih, Beverage甜点、糕、饮品
92 水果卡斯特派Fruit Custard Pie
94 营养热可可Nutritious Hot Cocoa
95 水果蜜饯Fruit Compote
96 柠檬卡斯特Lemon Custard
98 班兰椰汁糯米糕Serimuka
100 香椰酱蓝花糯米糕Pulut Tai Tai with Coconut Sauce
102 香兰椰丝卷Kuih Ketayap

炸鸡腿配开胃柠檬酱Oven Fried Drumsticks with Lemon Sauce

黑椒黄金鸡Black Pepper Golden Chicken

简易牛肉仁当Easy Beef Rendang

泰式蒸鱼Steamed Fish Thai-Style

 甜辣花蟹Sweet Chilli Flower Crab

黄梨巴遮里Pineapple Pachree

瓦煲鸡饭Claypot Chicken Rice

传统鸡饭Traditional Chicken Rice

寿面Festive Noodles

大葱汤Onion Soup

香肠烤马铃薯Potato Snack Cups

杯子蛋糕Party Cupcakes

谷粮慕斯里Muesli Bites

香椰酱蓝花糯米糕Pulut Tai Tai with Coconut Sauce


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