Y3K Cookbook Volume No.24
ISBN 978-983-44755-3-6
First published in May, 2010

Retail price:
RM20 (West Malaysia)
RM23 (Sabah/ Sarawak)
$14 (S'pore/ Brunei)

Mail order:
RM22 (Malaysia)
$17 (Singapore/ Brunei)

Y3K 食谱专辑系列丛书之24
ISBN: 978-983-44755-3-6

RM20 (西马)
RM23 (沙巴/砂拉越)

RM22 (西马/沙巴/砂拉越)
$17 (新加坡/汶来)

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Baking Cupcakes for Fun

A cupcake is a small cake designed to serve one person, frequently baked in a small, thin paper or aluminum cup.

The term "cupcake" was first mentioned in 1828 in Eliza Leslie's Receipts cookbook. In previous centuries, before muffin tins were widely available, the cakes were often baked in individual pottery cups, ramekins, or moulds and took their name from the cups they were baked in. This is the use of the name that has persisted, and the name of "cupcake" is now given to any small cake that is about the size of a teacup.

In later years, when the use of volume measurements was firmly established in home kitchens, these recipes became known as 1234 cakes or quarter cakes, so called because they are made up of four ingredients: one cup of butter, two cups of sugar, three cups of flour, and four eggs. They are plain yellow cakes, somewhat less rich and less expensive than pound cake, due to using about half as much butter and eggs compared to pound cake. The names of these two major classes of cakes were intended to signal the method to the baker; "cup cake" uses a volume measurement, and "pound cake" uses a weight measurement.

Decorating cupcakes is a great family activity. Part of the fun is that there are no hard and fast rules to follow. Similarly, there are no right or wrong ways to decorate cupcakes. By using icings and candy, along with other objects like plastic trinkets, sprinkles, colored sugar or coconut, it's easy to customize and decorate cupcakes quite easily. Enjoy!!

8 柚子小蛋糕 Citrus Flavoured Cupcakes
10 竹炭小蛋糕 Bamboo Charcoal Cupcakes
12 芒果小蛋糕 Mango Cupcakes
14 波萝小蛋糕 Pineapple Desire Cupcakes
16 豆浆萝卜小蛋糕 Soybean Carrot Cupcakes
18 鱿鱼丝迷你蛋糕 Cuttlefish Shred Cupcakes
20 香橙杏仁小蛋糕 Orange Zest Almond Flake Cupcakes
22 蔓越莓波菜小蛋糕 Cranberries Spinach Cupcakes
24 椰糖小蛋糕 Palm Sugar Cupcakes
26 柠檬可可小蛋糕 Lemon Chocolate Cupcakes
28 苦瓜小蛋糕 Bittergourd Cupcakes
30 青豆迷你蛋糕 Green Peas Cupcakes
32 谷粮蔓越莓小蛋糕 Muesli Cranberry Cupcakes
34 阳光南瓜小蛋糕 Sunshine Cupcakes
36 红麴蜜桃小蛋糕 Red Yeast Powder Peach Cupcakes
38 南瓜西梅子小蛋糕 Pumpkin & Prune Cupcakes
40 桂圆黑糖小蛋糕 Dried Longan Cupcakes
42 芝麻核桃小蛋糕 Sesame Seeds Walnut Cupcakes
44 香葱小蛋糕 Fragrant Onion Cupcakes
46 桂香苹果小蛋糕 Fragrant Spice & Apple Cupcakes
48 绿茶核桃小蛋糕 Green Tea Walnut Cupcakes
50 薄荷巧克力小蛋糕 Mint chocolate Cupcakes
52 榴莲糕小蛋糕 Durian Dodol Cupcakes
54 区丽区杏桃小蛋糕 Oreo & Apricot Cupcakes
56 香蕉核桃小蛋糕 Banana Walnut Cupcakes
58 奶香红茶小蛋糕 Milky Tea Cupcakes
60 巧克力榛果小蛋糕 Chocolate Hazelnut Cupcakes
62 玉蜀黍小蛋糕 Corn Kernels Cupcakes
64 吐拿小蛋糕 Tuna Cupcakes
66 菜莆迷你蛋糕 Preserved Choypoh Cupcakes
68 贡糖小蛋糕 Peanut Flake Cupcakes
70 彩色软糖小蛋糕 Coloured Jelly Sweet Cupcakes
72 相思红豆小蛋糕 Red Beans Cupcakes
74 香橙小蛋糕 Orange Desire Cupcakes
76 蜂蜜红枣小蛋糕 Honey Red Date Cupcakes
78 山渣咖椰小蛋糕 Haw Flakes Kaya Cupcakes
80 太阳花籽蜂蜜小蛋糕 Sunflower Seeds Honey Cupcakes
82 蔬菜小蛋糕 Veggie Cupcakes
84 菲律宾咸蛋糕 Savoury Filipino Cake
86 紫菜枸杞小蛋糕 Seaweed Wolfberries Cupcakes
88 黄梨可可粒小蛋糕 Pineapple Chocolate Cupcakes
90 白雪小蛋糕 Snowy Cupcakes
92 焦糖小蛋糕 Caramel Shell Kisses
94 玉米脆片红枣小蛋糕 Cornflakes Red Dates Cupcakes
96 苹果小蛋糕 Apple Cupcakes
98 美乃滋肉松小蛋糕 Mayonnaise Meat Floss Cupcakes
100 泡沫小蛋糕 Bubble Cakes
102 北海道戚风小蛋糕 Hokkaido Chiffon Cupcakes
104 牛油芝士小蛋糕 Butter & Cheese Cupcakes
106 百香果芝士小蛋糕 Passion Fruit Cheese Cupcakes
108 枸杞芝士小蛋糕 Wolfberreis Cheesy Cupcakes
110 芝士巧克力小蛋糕 Cheese Chocolate Marbled Cupcakes
112 红萝卜芝士小蛋糕 Carrot Cheese Cupcakes
114 柠檬红茶芝士小蛋糕 Lemon Red Tea Cheese Cupcakes
116 芋头芝士小蛋糕 Taro Cheese Cupcakes
118 蓝莓芝士小蛋糕 Blueberry Cheese Cupcakes
120 芝士圈巧克力小蛋糕 Cheese Ring Chocolate Cupcakes
122 优格小蛋糕 Yoghurt Cupcakes
124 蔓越莓优格小蛋糕 Cranberry Yoghurt Cupcakes
126 绿茶优格小蛋糕 Green Tea Yoghurt Cupcakes


Anonymous said...

新加坡 popular 買有送紙杯嗎?

huipeng said...


huipeng said...


Y3K food & travel said...

纸杯只限4/6/2010 - 13/6/2010 在THE MINES的书展赠送,其他地方一律没送.

Anonymous said...

hello, i saw your recipe book of cupcakes and i'd like to know where i can purchase it. it would be good to have a copy in my kitchen library as i am very health conscious. is it available in Manila Philippines or only thru online purchase? Thank you!


Y3K food & travel said...

It's not available in Philippines but you can purchase from us through e-mail. Cost of Y3K Cookbook - Cupcakes is RM20, air parcel charge is RM21, total amount will be RM41. Please send your order to y3krecipes@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Hi, I,m from KL. Where can I buy those beautiful cupcake liners like shown in the book?

Y3K food & travel said...

Available locally at most baking ingredient shops.