Pingpi Mooncakes冰皮月饼

Pingpi Mooncakes
Y3K Cookbook Volume No.25
ISBN 978-983-44755-4-3
Authors: Wong Sip Moi
Publisher: Y Three K Publisher
First published in Aug, 2010

Retail price:
RM12 (West Malaysia)
RM14.50 (Sabah/ Sarawak)
$8.50 (S'pore/ Brunei)

Mail order:
RM14 (Malaysia)
$11 (Singapore/ Brunei)

Y3K 食谱专辑系列丛书之25
ISBN: 978-983-44755-4-3

RM14.50 (沙巴/砂拉越)

RM14 (西马/沙巴/砂拉越)
$11 (新加坡/汶来)

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在我国,月饼不但是华人在中秋节必备之物,友族同胞对月饼宠爱有加。 近代,除了传统的“烘皮月饼”之外,“燕菜月饼”及“冰皮月饼”越来越受大众欢迎。



Mooncake Encyclopedia

The Mooncake Festival was first celebrated by high ranking officials in North China more than a thousand years ago. It has become a norm for local Chinese to present mooncakes as gifts to elders or friends. This is in line to wish for roundness or completeness of success. Well, over the years, the pretty flair of mooncakes have walked into the hearts of other ethnic races too.

Apart from traditional baked mooncakes, you have the new wave of jelly mooncakes and pingpi mooncakes. The trendy pingpi mooncake can still be considered as a young concoction of 22 years, first started in 1989 by a Hong Kong baker, Chef Kwek Hong Jun.

Normal baked mooncakes have skin coming from a mix of flour and syrup pastry but pingpi mooncakes are made of cooked white glutinous rice flour. The completed mooncakes are chilled hence the name in Chinese is "Iced skin mooncakes". There is a great variety of such mooncakes in the market but a certain stabilizer is being used to prevent the skin from cracking or turning tough during sale time.

In traditional baked mooncakes, filling can be rather conservative as most
come filled with lotus paste and salted egg yolks. But unbaked pingpi mooncakes tend to have a wider choice of filling. Choose between bean paste, fruity mix, custard, cheese and a fanciful lot.

We are proud to have completed a full set (3 books) of cookbooks, all on mooncakes. Place into your collection of our "Mooncakes", "Fashionable Jelly Mooncakes" and "Pingpi Mooncakes". Need answers to mooncake making, leaf through the pages.

Black Sesame Seed Pandan Pingpi Mooncakes

Blueberry White Lotus Minty Pingpi Mooncakes

Dragon Fruit with Egg Yolk Pingpi Mooncakes

Charcoal Dragon Fruit Pingpi Mooncakes

Mango Pandan Corn Pingpi Mooncakes

Custard Date Minty Orange Pingpi mooncakes

Angku Pingpi Delight

Date Paste Savoury Bean Paste Orange Pingpi Mooncakes

Crystal Peach

Crystal Jelly Mooncakes

ContentS 目录
10 草莓栗子龙果冰皮月饼
Strawberry Chestnut Dragon Fruit Pingpi Mooncakes
12 黑金炭香火龙果冰皮月饼
Charcoal Dragon Fruit Pingpi Mooncakes
14 豆沙白环草莓冰皮月饼
Red Bean White Lotus Strawberry Pingpi Mooncakes
16 芋茸白玉冰皮月饼
Taro White Lotus Pingpi Mooncakes
18 火龙果咸豆沙芒果草莓冰皮月饼
Dragon Fruit Savoury Bean Fruit Fragance Pingpi Mooncakes
20 奇异果榴梿豆沙冰皮月饼
Kiwi Durian Red Bean Pingpi Mooncakes
22 蓝莓白莲蓉薄荷冰皮月饼
Blueberry White Lotus Minty Pingpi Mooncakes
24 奶皇枣泥薄荷橙香冰皮月饼
Custard Date Minty Orange Pingpi mooncakes
26 黑芝麻班兰冰皮月饼
Black Sesame Seed Pandan Pingpi Mooncakes
28 冬茸桂圆火龙果冰皮月饼
Winter Melon Longan Dragon Fruit Pingpi Mooncakes
30 南瓜榴梿芋香冰皮月饼
Pumpkin Durian Taro Pingpi Mooncakes
32 雪耳枣泥冰皮月饼
Snow Fungus Date Paste Pingpi Mooncakes
34 卡布基诺翠玉冰皮月饼
Cappuccino Jade Ring Pingpi Mooncakes
36 芝士莲蓉蓝莓冰皮月饼
Cheese Lotus Blueberry Pingpi Mooncakes
38 芝麻芝士白咖啡冰皮月饼
Sesame Seed Cheese White Coffee Pingpi Mooncakes
40 橙香绿茶冰皮月饼
Orange Green Tea Pingpi Mooncakes
42 火龙果玉环冰皮月饼
Dragon Fruit with Egg Yolk Pingpi Mooncakes
44 芒果绿野金玉冰皮月饼
Mango Pandan Corn Pingpi Mooncakes
46 椰丝班兰冰皮月饼
Coconut Fragrance Pandan Pingpi Mooncakes
48 豆沙玉米班兰芒果冰皮月饼
Red Beans Corn Pandan Mango Pingpi Mooncakes
50 花生黑芝麻火龙果冰皮月饼
Peanut Black Sesame Seed Dragon Fruit Pingpi Mooncakes
52 红龟冰皮月饼
Angku Pingpi Delight
54 迷你冰皮月饼
Mini Pingpi Mooncakes
56 黑芝麻花生冰皮月饼
Black Sesame Seed Peanut Pingpi Mooncakes
58 枣泥咸豆沙香橙冰皮月饼
Date Paste Savoury Bean Paste Orange Pingpi Mooncakes
60 绿茶红豆沙冰皮月饼
Green Tea Red Bean Paste Pingpi Mooncakes
62 白巧克力迷你月饼
White Chocolate Mini Pingpi Mooncakes
63 巧克力迷你月饼
Chocolate Mini Pingpi Mooncakes
64 奶皇黑炭冰皮月饼
Custard Charcoal Pingpi Mooncakes
66 栗子柠檬冰皮月饼
Chestnut Lemon Pingpi Mooncakes
68 水晶仙桃
Crystal Peach
70 水晶燕菜月饼
Crystal Jelly Mooncakes

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helo,我是住在沙巴的朋友 ,我到大眾書局去找這本書。。。但找不到。。。

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helo, 我已經買到這本書了。。很好用,謝謝。我有一些問題,請問fresh lotus seed 可以在哪找到?

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LYDIA said...

冰皮月饼模可以网上和Y3K买,how about 馅料? 可以网上通过Y3K买吗?

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Hi, just bought your pingpi mooncakes book. Nice recipes.
Trying to make the pingpi. I bought a 'koh fun' from bakery mart. My question here, did i need to cook the 'koh fun' using low heat in a wok? Thanks you.

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Hi Sharon,

Tq for your support.

Koh fun is already cooked and does not need to cook or fry anymore, just use it directly.

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hai~my name is ann...sorry...wanna ask..i want to buy the mooncake moulds and this mooncake receipe book..so how can i put in the order?
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Hi Ann,

Please e-mail your order to y3krecipes@gmail.com

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