Y3K Cookbook Volume No.26
ISBN: 978-983-44755-5-0
First published in NOVEMBER 2010

Retail price:
RM20 (West Malaysia)
RM23 (Sabah/ Sarawak)
$14 (S'pore/ Brunei)

Mail order:
RM22 (Malaysia)
$17 (Singapore/ Brunei)

Y3K 食谱专辑系列丛书之26

书名: 总厨拿手菜
ISBN: 978-983-44755-5-0

RM20 (西马)
RM23 (沙巴/砂拉越)

RM22 (西马/沙巴/砂拉越)
$17 (新加坡/汶来)

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Chef's profile:
Chef Chay Foo Kiong
Present Post: Executive Chef
Number of Years Spent In The Kitchen: 32 years (year 2010)
Signature Dishes: The versatile nature of Chinese cooking gives me a lot of room to experiment with ingredients and flavours.

Stopped education at Form 3 level to be a kitchen helper at Bee Bee Coffee Shop in Petaling Street, K.L.

My father was the Head Chef of Imperial Room Restaurant in Hotel Malaysia, Jalan Bukit Bintang where I started off as a kitchen apprentice.

My father was made the Head Chef of Imperial Room Restaurant at Sun Complex where I continued to do kitchen chores under him.

My father retired and started a restaurant in Taman Midah, Cheras and I was roped in to help.

I am on my own two feet as the Third Chef at Metro Restaurant in Wisma MPI (name later changed to Wisma Hong Leong), K.L.

I was made to be the Second Chef at Lotus Imperial Restaurant near the Tengkat Tung Shin (Indian Temple vicinity near Tung Shin Hospital), K.L.

I worked as the Third Chef at Restoran Oversea (Head quarters), Imbi Road, KL.

I joined Restoran Oversea at Armada Complex, Petaling Jaya to become the Second Chef.

2005 to present
I am now the Executive Chef at Restoran Damansara Palace, Mutiara Damansara, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Interview with Chef Chay
1. Why did you pick cooking as a career?
My late father Chay Choon Char was a strict no-nonsense man and touted with respect for his Shanghainese cooking. He was my idol and I wanted to have that kind of respect in the kitchen so I decided to travel the same path.

2. Did you face any difficulties?
I started as an apprentice so you must have the interest and perseverance. The hours were very long and irregular and you must have self-initiatives to pick up ideas and techniques all the time.

3. Any special memories?
My late father was very strict and all through the years, he taught me nothing. Once I told my mother about this and she waited for my father to come home. She scolded him for not teaching me a thing or two. Father retorted as to how come I learn anything if he were to hold my hand to cook a dish. He felt I must learn through observation as cooking is a live art.

4. Was it a long climb for you in this industry?
I was an apprentice at 17 years old and become Executive Chef at 42 years old. I have been cooking for the last 25 years and am still experimenting with techniques and flavourings.

5. What are the duties of an Executive Chef:
1) Totally in-charge of kitchen operation and its administration work.
2) Kitchen rules have to be laid down and a network of teamwork planned.
3) Duties of everyone and how it will be related to work.
4) Look into the menu, purchasing of ingredients, promotion of certain dishes, look-out for new innovation products and the planning to purchase new equipment.
5) Check on kitchen work, what goes into a dish and inspection checks on the correct proportions.
6) Checks on fresh ingredients and the complaint lists by diners.
7) Checks on kitchen equipment, tools and utensils, to change or not to.
8) Meetings with other inter-related departments, F&B promotions, costing, purchasing terms.
9) Ensure cleanliness and safety aspects at the kitchen.
10) Guidance to staff, in-house training, planning strategy.
11) Reports to the F&B Director or G.M. on work related matters.

6. With 32 years of experience behind you, what are your words to young people who possess the same passion about food?
It is a job with career advancement but not everyone is cut-out to be one. To walk in the footsteps of a chef, you have to love food and must be nurtured continuously. Never stop learning as a good chef must be able to pick up new ideas, technique and how to fuse things together. Be conscious of how surroundings can have an effect on the food and if you do not have the passion, you can't stay on very long.

7. To an ordinary layman who is not a chef, how can this volume of "Chef's Secret Recipes" be helpful?
Everyone of us have different taste buds as some like it savoury and some like it on the light side. Ingredients do differ so to cook according to the book, you have to follow very precisely both ingredients and methods. Let your family decide on how good their family chef has churned out recently.

厨房总司令 谢富强师傅
专长: 千变万化的中餐

1978-1979年 初中三毕业,在吉隆坡茨场街美美茶室当茶室助手。
1979-1981年 父亲在吉隆坡武吉免登马来西亚酒店的丰泽园担任总厨,跟随父亲当学徒。
1981-1986年 父亲换到吉隆坡太阳大厦的丰泽园担任大厨师,继续追随父亲。
1986-1990年 父亲退休后在吉隆坡蕉赖宝敦花园开设餐馆,协助父亲的餐馆事业。
1990-1991年 吉隆坡丰隆大厦美都餐厅担任三厨。
1991-1995年 吉隆坡同善医院旁的莲花丰泽园担任二厨。
1995-1997年 吉隆坡海外天大饭店燕美路总店担任三厨。
1997-2005年 八打灵再也海外天大饭店Armada大厦分店担任二厨。
2005年至今 八打灵再也白沙罗皇宫大酒家担任总厨。
1. 为何进入这行?
父亲已故谢春泽(外号大头虾,当时雪隆最有名气的上海菜名厨)在家是一个严父,在酒楼 是一名受到尊敬的上海菜大厨师。他是我的偶像,自小就想像他一样成为受人尊重的大厨 师,辍学后就跟他学厨艺。

2. 开始从事这个行业时面对什么难题?
以前由马皇(学徒)做起很辛苦,工作时间很长,厨房人手不够,一个人要负责多种工作, 不过拿到很多经验,基础扎实。

3. 有什么难忘的回忆?
父亲很严厉,跟随他多年,从来不教煮菜的工夫。有一天我忍不住向母亲抱怨,母亲等父亲回家时骂他:“自己的孩子都不教!” 父亲回应:“拿着你的手教你煮,你永远学不到东西。自己去看,去发觉!” 这句话如当头棒喝点醒我:让人家教而自己不动脑,工夫不会精。只有自己用心去研究,学得的才是最宝贵的经验,一生受用不尽。

4. 你如何才能爬至目前职位?

5. 总厨的任务是什么?

6. 从事这个行业32年,你对想从事这个行业的年轻人有什么建议?

7. 一般人不是厨师,怎样根据这本《总厨拿手菜》煮出一桌好菜?

8 红烧腐皮卷拌南非鲍鱼 Red-braised Foopey Rolls with Abalones
10 白雪菇炒带子 White Mushrooms Fried with Fresh Scallops
12 上海式炸熏鱼 Deep-fried Carp Shanghai-style
14 四川石甲 Siakap in Szechuan Sauce
16 法式香草焗鳕鱼 Cod Fish Baked Ala French
18 乌达鱼滑豆腐煲 Otak-otak Fish Paste Beancurd Pot
20 咸蛋白饭鱼 Salted Egg With Whitebait Fish
22 麻香辣汁白饭鱼 Spicy Whitebaits
24 生抽王蒸鲨鱼嘴 Shark's Snout with Premium Soy Sauce Steamed
25 玉米芝士沙拉虾 Corn Nibblets Cheese Salad Prawns
26 泰式虾 Siamese Prawns
28 姜米酒蒸大头虾 Ginger Wine Steamed With Prawns
30 沙茶酱炒虾球 Sata Sauce Fried Prawn Curl
32 梅子明虾 Plum & Prawns Duet
34 渔家小炒 Dainty Squid Dish
36 咖哩海鲜蒸水蛋 Curry Tasting Seafood With Steamed Egg Pudding
38 桂花蟹松 Kwai Fah Flossy Crab

红烧腐皮卷拌南非鲍鱼 Red-braised Foopey Rolls with Abalones

上海式炸熏鱼 Deep-fried Carp Shanghai-style

麻香辣汁白饭鱼 Spicy Whitebaits

泰式虾 Siamese Prawns

渔家小炒 Dainty Squid Dish

40 酱爆花腩 Hot Fried Belly Pork
42 镇江骨 Zhen Jiang Ribs
44 虾酱排骨 Shrimp Sauce Spare-ribs
45 香茜肉片 Aromatic Spicy Meat
46 蒙古排骨 Mongolian Spare-ribs
48 虾酱花腩煲 Belly Pork with Shrimp Sauce
50 烟肉卷 Smoked Bacon Rolls
52 哈儿巴(炸大肠) Crunchy Pig's Intestines
54 韭菜爆鹿松 Chives and Venison
56 娘惹鹿肉煲 Venison Pot Nyonya-style
58 脆米花椒鸡丁 Crispy Rice Grains Szechuan Peppercorn Diced Chicken
60 干爆鸡 Scented Chicken
62 宫保双椒炒鸡柳 Kungpo Dual Capsicums Fried with Chicken Fillet
64 风味茄子鸡煲 Brinjal Chicken In A Pot
66 金汁鸡粒焖豆腐 Chicken Braised Taufoo with Golden Pumpkin Sauce
68 蒜香莲藕爆鸡柳 Fragrant Garlic Lotus Root Fried with Chicken Fillet

烟肉卷 Smoked Bacon Rolls

哈儿巴(炸大肠) Crunchy Pig's Intestines

韭菜爆鹿松 Chives and Venison

虾酱排骨 Shrimp Sauce Spare-ribs

脆米花椒鸡丁 Crispy Rice Grains Szechuan Peppercorn Diced Chicken

70 吡呖羊角豆 Superb Ladies Fingers
72 肉酱杂菌锅 Magical Mushrooms Meaty Sauce
74 风味三色豆 Spicy Treat
76 咸蛋炒苦瓜 Salted Egg Fried With Bittergourd
78 杏片烟肉高丽菜 Almond Flakes with Bacon and Cabbage
80 杏片素菓 Vegetarian Hemisphere
82 腐乳豆筋菜煲 Gluten Vegetable & Foo Yee Pot
84 鸡肉松茄子 Chicken Meat Floss with Brinjals
86 芹香小炒 Potatoes Variety Dish

吡呖羊角豆 Superb Ladies Fingers

咸蛋炒苦瓜 Salted Egg Fried With Bittergourd

88 韭菜饼 Chives Fried Fritters
90 越式乌达卷 Vietnamese-style Otak-otak
92 鲜虾脆盒 Prawn Hats
94 金丝球 Golden Balls
96 脆米鸳鸯肉炒饭 Crispy Rice Grains Ying & Yang Meat Fried Rice
98 XO酱鸳鸯粉 Ying & Yang Noodles With XO Sauce
100 红油拉面 Special Effects Noodle
102 大连炒米粉 Da Lian Fried Meehoon

越式乌达卷 Vietnamese-style Otak-otak

鲜虾脆盒 Prawn Hats

金丝球 Golden Balls

XO酱鸳鸯粉 Ying & Yang Noodles With XO Sauce

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