Y3K Cookbooks Vol. 1 - Desserts Classic Collection 糕点甜品经典版

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First published: January 2002
ISBN 983-40623-1-1

Author: Catherine Chia

Malaysian traditional kuih-muih recipes with step-by-step photographs.(Bilingual)

A) Deep-Fried and Grilled Snacks油炸及烧烤小食
1. Chinese Crullers (You-Tiao)油条
2. Horse Hoof Crisps马脚
3. Glutinous Rice Doughnuts夹粽
4. Five Spices Doughnuts咸煎饼
5. Pulut Panggang烧烤糯米糕
6. Otak-otak乌达乌达
7. Keropok Lekor (East Coast Speciality)东海岸鱼饼
8. Cucur badak犀牛糕饼
9. Deep-Fried Sesame Balls煎堆
10. Yam Puffs芋角
11. Chicken Nuggets金鸡块
12. Shallot Fritters葱油脆饼

B) Steamed Traditional Desserts and Snacks水蒸传统糕点
13. Glutinous Rice Balls糯米糍
14. Savoury Rice Desserts碗仔糕
15. Kuih Seri Muka斯里姆格糕
16. Kuih Kosui卡穗糕
17. Kuih Koci裹籽糕
18. Popiah薄饼
19. Chives Dumplings韭菜糕
20. Yambean Dumplings荀糕
21. Glutinous Chicken Rice糯米鸡
22. Lepat Pisang蒸香蕉镐
23. Apam Seri Ayu椰丝小松糕
24. Finger Sandwich长条三文治
25. Kuih Jagung粟米糕
26. Lopes罗碧丝
27. Kuih Lapis九层糕

C) Pudding and Beverages布丁及饮料
28. Chendol煎哆
29. Bean curd Pudding (Tau Foo Fah)豆腐花
30. Durian Pudding榴槤布丁
31. Angkoo Pudding红龟布丁
32. Sago Pearl Pudding沙谷布丁
33. Chendol Pudding煎哆布丁


晓真 said...

May I have sweet and chili sauce recipe for Popiah. Thank you.

Y3K food & travel said...

Xiao Zhen:

Please use the sweet sauce as shown in the photograph, dilute it with some water. Buy bottle cilli sauce of any brand as you desire.

Anonymous said...

Hi Catherine,
I bought this book , but some of your recipe said only flour ? what kind flour is it ? like Cucur badak recipe ,chicken nugget? shallot fritters? Kuih seri muka ? ?lepat pisang ? and some more ... can you check it, each recipe is different so I don't know what flour you said ? rice or all purpose ? or else ... thanks for your time .


Y3K food & travel said...

Hi Lily,

Flour mention in this book is all purpose flour/ normal flour.