Y3K Cookbooks Vol.5 - Fancy Cakes & Jellies 七彩千层糕

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First published: August 2005
ISBN 983-40623-4-6

Author: Vickie Chieng

Malaysian traditional Layered Cakes & Jellies recipes. (Bilingual)

A) 蒸千层蛋糕 Steamed Layered Cakes
1. 巧克力薄荷蛋糕 Chocolate Peppermint Cake
2. 四季蛋糕 Four Seasons Cake
3. 山楂千层糕 Haw Flakes Layered Cake
4. 杏仁千层蛋糕 Almond Layered Cake
5. 好立克千层蛋糕 Horlicks Layered Cake
6. 樱桃千层蛋糕 Lapis Regee Cake
7. 杏仁巧克力蛋糕 Almond Chocolate Cake
8. 爱心蛋糕 Rich Kaya Cake
9. 焦糖蛋糕 Steamed Caramel Cake
10. 松糕 Apam Cake
11. 咖啡豆千层蛋糕 Mock Coffee Bean Cake
12. 好立克果酱千层蛋糕 Holicks & Jam Layered Cake
13. 斑点千层蛋糕 Steamed Chocolate Dotted Cake
14. 冰淇淋红豆蛋糕 Steamed Ice-Cream Red Bean Cake
15. 冰淇淋多层蛋糕 Ice-Cream Layered Cake
16. 好立克咖椰千层蛋糕 Horlicks & Kaya Layered Cake
17. 葡萄饼乾千层蛋糕 Sultana Biscuits Layered Cake
18. 七彩云层蛋糕 Multi-Coloured Clouds Cake
19. 腰豆椰丝千层糕 Kek Lela Maniri
20. 燕麦千层蛋糕 Oatmeal Layered Cake
21. 彩虹咖啡蛋糕 Rainbow Coffee CakeBaked Layered Cakes
22. 格子蛋糕 Grid Cake

B) 烘烤千层蛋糕 Baked Layered Cakes
23. 杏仁蜜枣蛋糕 Almond Date Cake
24. 简易乾果蛋糕 Easy Fruit Cake
25. 圈圈咖啡蛋糕 Circular Curves Coffee Cake
26. 七彩蛋糕 Colourful Cake
27. 蜂巢蛋糕 Honeycomb Cake
28. 薄荷云石蛋糕 Peppermint Marbled Cake
29. 彩虹雪芳蛋糕 Rainbow Chiffon Cake
30. 斑马纹蛋糕 Zebra Lines Patterned Cake
31. 斑马纹蛋糕2 Zebra Lines Cake II
32. 核桃巧克力米蛋糕 Chocolate Rice Walnut Cake
33. 云石雪芳蛋糕 Marbled Chiffon Cake
34. 班兰千层蛋糕 Layered Pandan Cake
35. 乳酪千层蛋糕 Layered Cheese Cake
36. 鲜橙千层蛋糕 Layered Orange Cake
37. 草莓慕斯蛋糕 Strawberry Mousse Cake
38. 松软乳酪蛋糕 Cotton Soft Cheese Cake
39. 黄梨乳酪蛋糕 Pineapple Cheese Cake
40. 简易乳酪蛋糕 Easy Sponge Cheese Cake
41. 维多利亚夹心蛋糕 Decorative Victoria Sponge Sandwich
42. 咖啡杏仁雪芳蛋糕 Coffee Almond Chiffon Cake
43. 人参咖啡燕菜蛋糕 Ginseng Coffee Jelly Cake

C) 燕菜 Jellies
44. 云石燕菜 Marbled Jelly
45. 班兰条燕菜 Pandan Strips Jelly
46. 班兰彩虹燕菜 Pandan Rainbow Jelly
47. 芋头水晶燕菜 Yummy Yam Crystal Jelly
48. 巧克力杂果燕菜 Chocolate Mixed Fruit Jelly
49. 杂果夹层燕菜 Mixed Fruit Layered Jelly
50. 水蜜桃红豆燕菜粽子 Peach & Red Beans Jelly Dumpling
51. 双黄花生燕菜粽子 Double Mock Yolks & Peanut Jelly Dumplings
52. 幸运燕菜 Lucky Dip Jelly
53. 幸运鲤鱼燕菜 Lucky Duo Fish-shaped Jelly
54. 燕菜冰糖葫芦 Crystal Syrup Jelly Lolly


Anonymous said...

how i buy old book y3k cookbook vol.5? tq

Anonymous said...

how i buy old book y3k cookbook vol.5? tq

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Hi there,

Thank you for your support. If you are staying in Malaysia or Singapore, all Y3K Cookbooks series are available at any branch of Popular Book Company. If you can't find them, please ask the sales person for assitance.

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